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London Liveblogging

Nosemonkey liveblogged the wannabomber "attacks" in London today. Excellent coverage as usual.

A sure sign that the "attacks" were an abysmal failure? *I* was more interested in the cricket result today. Let me spell this out for the wannabombers, since they don't seem to be too bright. An American living an ocean away from London was more interested in watching the opening day of the Ashes series than he was in following the terminally boring news of your sad little misadventures today.

You know your life amounts to nothing when Americans would rather watch cricket than tune in to coverage of your failed little plot. Read a few sites like Europhobia, and you'll see just how little of an impression you've made on Londoners. You could barely hold their attention through the afternoon. On this day, the Aussie cricket squad caused far more terror in the UK than you!!! Pathetic.


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