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Sandstorms and Black Clouds In Iraq

Mohammed at Iraq the Model provides us with a graphic example of what we're fighting for in Iraq. Bravery is best captured on film in many cases...and this is certainly one of them. How can we not support these people???

Big Pharaoh sums up these images perfectly:
By God, which group of women look more forward looking, civilized, and hopeful? Which group of women would you like to be filling your country? I am not the kind of person who judges people by how they dress or by how they interpret their religion, but forgive me, I cannot help but say that those who want to suppress women in the name of God are purely wrong and I wish that they vanish from this world. Come on, which group is more likely to produce Iraq's Oprah Winfrey or Iraq's Carly Fiorina.
Not a particularly difficult question to answer, is it?


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